Elmwood Primary School has excellent facilities including fifteen self-contained classrooms all with Clevertouch interactive boards and iPad charge and sync station.
A main hall, sports hall, fully manned medical room, in-house kitchen, dining hall and library.

The large computer suite has enough Google Chromebase workstations that each child in a class can have one to themselves and thereby work independently.

The covered and secured outdoor classroom extension in the reception classrooms allows for constant access to the outside learning environment.
With a small enclosed pond and wildlife area, outside story zone, play and climbing equipment area, wild garden exploration zone and bush-craft & Forest School area.
Last but by no means least a large playing field and three separate playgrounds.

The Facilities at Elmwood Primary School really are hard to beat!

“Elmwood has a fantastic on-site kitchen providing nutritious and tasty meals.”Mrs Nerys Maidment (Headteacher)
Elmwood Primary School offers many extra curricular activities, including a vast range of music lessons which prove very popular with the children.