GSuite For Education

Elmwood Primary School is a technologically innovative school. We offer our children a varied choice of technology from a variety of vendors enabling them to be well prepared for the future.

The use of technology is apparent in every classroom, in every classroom you will find:

  • Ipads
  • Clevertouch screens
  • Chromebooks

In our updated IT suite you will find 30 Chromeboxes enabling every child in a class the opportunity to explore the technology for themselves at their own pace and in their own way.

Both the teaching staff and children now have access to Googles G Suite platform, through which they may access Google Classroom. This provides them with new tools to enable their learning.

Elmwood has chosen this platform carefully, not only is it free, which provides a welcome relief from the cost involved in implementing other well known software solutions, it also operates seamlessly on any device from any vendor, tablets, phones and all varieties of computer. It is the same learning environment provided by a growing number of IT aware secondary schools including William De Ferrers School. In fact Elmwoods IT support is now provided by William De Ferrers School as we seek to strengthen our IT offering.

The change to Google from Microsoft has removed the need for many complicated software licenses as well as removing the large cost of renewing these every year along with the constant administrative burden.