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Rota Kids

What are RotaKids?

RotaKids is a fun and exciting way for children aged 7-12 to make friends and get involved with important activities in the community, all while having a great time in the process.

It brings an exciting and practical approach to supporting the citizenship element of the national curriculum.

By doing so, children enjoy a boost to their confidence and self-esteem at a key age and develop an understanding of how their actions can impact on others.

Both RotaKids aim to create genuine opportunities for young people to generate social change.


What do Elmwood RotaKids do?      

Rotakids meet with Mrs Willis every two weeks to discuss and plan local, national and international fundraising events, as well as serve the local community. The great thing about RotaKids is that children can come up with ideas and see them become a reality.


The groups can do just about anything which springs to mind to help others.

It shows children that by working together, there is so much you can achieve. 

Examples of RotaKids activities include:


Who are our Rotakids?

Every KS2 class elects a member of their class to become a Rotakid. The children run it and are all expected to have a job. They will elect the following:


Chair                           Leads the meeting.

Secretary                   Writes minutes in the meeting and types them up afterwards.

Alerting Officers          Collects Rotakids members for meetings.

Registration Officer   Takes the register at each meeting.

Event Photographers         Prepares posters on the computer and displays them around the school.